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Welcome to the tutorial where math really counts!

Learning counting techniques is not only a wise decision it also is fun!!  If you ask someone how many options exist for one situation or another, more often than not, they will underestimate.  Watching the surprise on a person’s face as you explain how many outcomes exist is both exciting and rewarding! Pardon the pun, but the possibilities really add up!

If you are thinking, "I learned to count in kindergarten and first grade." You are right!! The counting principles explored in this tutorial are much more powerful than simply counting items: 1, 2, 3, . . . . Why, it would take forever to count some of the objects or scenarios you will be counting here.  Forever?  Yes, well, this introduction could go on forever, so that is why it stops right here!!

Dive in and get started!!

Note to users: It is recommended that the tutorial be studied in the order indicated by the buttons on the left. Several of the sections have supplementary practice problems.  When you feel comfortable with these exercises, proceed to the next section.

Created by Carol O. Free
March 2004