Bubba Robert


I am currently researching my family history and one of my cousins who is up in age told us this story about my great-great uncle Robert Craft who everyone called "Bubba Robert".  Bubba Robert was a self taught carpenter.  He worked as a carpenter and learned how to read and draw blueprints.  These blueprints were used by his boss who took the credit for coming up with the drawings that should have gone to Bubba Robert.  After a while of this he became upset with the way he was being treated and decided to leave the south, but before he left he built his mother, Minnie Craft, and his brother and sisters a house.  The house that Bubba Robert built is located on Heidt Street in Columbia


After living there for some time, Minnie Craft felt the house was much too big for her to keep up and wanted a smaller house.  So Bubba Robert built her another house.  This house that he built was located at 1110 Page Street in Columbia, South Carolina.  This is where to this day most of Bubba Robert's nieces and nephews have most of their fondest memories.



Kathryn Martinez