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African American Monument on the S.C. Capitol grounds -- 11 photos
    Also see African-American Monument article for more pictures
Clark, Septima Poinsette
Clyburn, Rep. James
Dave the Potter pots -- 5 photos
Everett, Percival
Gallman, James
Green, Jonathan -- painting: "White Breeze" (1995)

Harleston, Edwin

Harleston, Elise – photo

Harleston, Elise -- painting
Hunter-Gault, Charlayne
Kitt, Eartha
Lake City Lynching -- “The Mob at the Lake City Post Office--An Artist’s Portrayal”
McCray, Carrie Allen

Sanders, Dori
Schofield Normal and Industrial School -- original bell tower
Simmons, Philip -- iron gate
Simpson, Merton -- painting: "Confrontation 2"
Thompson, Dorothy Perry

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