Tell us your story!

This is a new page, where we are inviting anyone, regardless of race or ethnic group, with a story about or relevant to African-Americans and their politics, history or culture in South Carolina, to contribute. We hope this way to also preserve much of what is lost as people age and die, through this "virtual oral history."

Note: The editors of this website make no claims concerning the accuracy of the accounts included here. They also reserve the right to edit the content as appropriate.


Col. Christine B. Knighton

Bubba Robert



Here's what to do if you want to contribute.

1. Send us an email, with "My story" in the subject line. Send it to
2. Include your name, address, a current email, and a phone number where you can be reached if we have any questions (we won't publish your address, phone number, or email address, but we will use your name unless you ask us not to).
3. You can relate the story or information. Maybe you or your family or your friends had some involvement in some significant or everyday events that you would like to relate. Maybe you have some information about a South Carolina community, or about arts, literature, politics, churches, etc. in the state.
4. We are not interested in any diatribes or racially inflammatory statements. We are scholars who are interested in contributing to the general body of information on these topics.
5. By contributing this information, you are giving us permission to quote from, edit, and post the materials you submit on this webpage. You are also giving us permission to use this material in other scholarly articles on this page or elsewhere, with proper attribution, of course.

We look forward to hearing from you!