Submissions for Publication on the African-Americansand South Carolina Web Page

We invite scholars to submit entries for publication on this page.You can see from our subject index a wide rangeof entries we want to create. You can also suggest new entries. For example,we hope to eventually have entries of people who have local significance,listed by their geographical area, e.g. Greenwood.

All submissions will undergo review by an editorial board, whosemembers are professionals in the social sciences and humanities. The editorsreserve the right to reject any article that falls short of scholarly standards,to edit the article for length and clarity, and to create internal linksto other related entries. Submissions may be either descriptive and/orinterpretive in nature. They should meet the following standards:

The author will retain copyright to the article with the understandingthat she/he grants permission for reproduction for research, scholarship,and non-profit educational purposes only--see copyrightpage.

last updated 3/31/05


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