Dual Enrollment


Dual/Concurrent enrollment at USC Aiken provides high achieving local high school students with the opportunity to take college courses that will enhance their senior year experience while experiencing the challenges of a collegiate classroom setting.  Concurrent enrollment eases the transitition as students leave high school and enter a four-year university setting.  Students are exposed to personalized instruction in traditional USC Aiken courses with USC Aiken faculty and students.

USC Aiken strongly encourages high school students to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) courses that are available at their high school.  Combined with dual/concurrent courses at USC Aiken, high school students will be well prepared for the  the rigors of a four-year institution.

To qualify for concurrent enrollment, a student must:

    • Be in the top 25% of your class
    • Have a score of 1020 on SAT, 102 on PSAT (on Critical Reading and Math only) or 21 on ACT/19 on PLAN
    • Take a College Prep curriculum in high school



$325 for a 4 semester hour course (plus books)               $175 for a 2 semester hour course (plus books)
$250 for a 3 semester hour course (plus books) $100 for a 1 semester hour course (plus books)

What courses are available?

Each semester the dual/concurrent Coordinator will provide a listing of suggested courses for dual/concurrent enrollment students.  Courses for the fall semester are available in March and courses for the spring semester are available in October.

Dual/Concurrent Courses Offered for Spring 2017

Dual or concurrent enrollment?

Dual enrollment course allows students to receive high school and college credit for a course.  If a student decides to select dual enrollment, he/she will receive AP weighting for the course on their high school transcript.

Concurrent enrollment course allows students to receive only college credit for a course.  The school can decide if they would like the dual or concurrent option.

The tuition is the same for either option.

How do I enroll for concurrent courses at USC Aiken?

Students can obtain concurrent application from their high school Guidance Office, the USC Aiken Office of Admissions or online at Dual/Concurrent Application.  All admitted concurrent students will be required to attend a special information/orientation session along with their parents.

Apply Now for Dual/Concurrent Admission

Special Advisors

USC Aiken is committed to providing the attention (communication, advice, support services) that students need to be successful in the Concurrent Enrollment Program, both during the application and enrollment periods.  For more information, contact:

Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator
Andrew Hendrix
Director of Admissions