Daniele Ligons

Business Marketing, 2012

Daniele Ligons is currently the Marketing Communications Coordinator at Aiken Electric Cooperative, Inc. While at USC Aiken Daniele majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. 

She was involved in many organizations such as Pacer Spirit, Circle K, Habitat for Humanity, and Sigma Alpha Pi.  Being a member of these organizations allowed her to create some of her best memories while attending USC Aiken. Her fondest memory was “finally getting up the courage to become involved, and meet new people”.  She was influenced to participate in these organizations by Amanda Platt, (an Admissions Office staff member), who was the advisor for Pacer Spirit. Daniele recalled that Amanda “was always full of energy and loved what she did.  Because of her, I was inspired to join Pacer Spirit to bring me out of my shell.  As I began to give tours to prospective students, I became more comfortable, got involved in more organizations and I found myself becoming more like her. I currently work in the career that I’ve dreamed of, and have that same excitement and passion as she did”. 

Daniele values the relationships she made during her college career as she says she “learned that the staff and personnel at the University actually cared about my success.  Even now, when I see them around town, they are excited to know what’s going on in my life, want to remain in touch, or help be a part of me continuing to reach my professional goals. I’ve been able to partner with them on work projects due to those lasting relationships”. Because of her close connections with faculty and staff, she believes that her favorite class, Emerging Leaders, taught by Ahmed Samaha and Corey Feraldi, helped prepare her for what she encountered after graduation. The class “taught students the principles and importance of teamwork and being a good leader” which enabled Daniele to feel “more prepared and become a better rounded person”.

Daniele shared that she is one of the few people in her family who is a college graduate, and feels that obtaining this degree and pursuing a Master’s degree are among her greatest accomplishments. The most important advice she would offer to both current and incoming USC Aiken students is: “Don’t be afraid to get involved. Build relationships. You may miss some valuable opportunities if you don’t”.