Danny Minolfo

Communications / Business Management, 1999

Danny Minolfo graduated in 1999 with a degree in Communications and a cognate in Business Management.  Below, in his own words is what he shared with us about his time as a USC Aiken student.

I attended USC Aiken with a mindset that I would stay for two years then transfer to the Columbia campus to finish my degree. I didn’t want to stay so close to home but my parents insisted on me “trying” USC Aiken for at least two years.

What I quickly found out about USC Aiken is that college life is what you make of it! I decided early on to join a fraternity, participate in student activities, attend sporting events and to work for Pacer Times.

My fondest memories of my four years at USC Aiken are the ones that I made with my fraternity brothers. To this day we all stay in close contact and share in special celebrations of our lives! We built bonds that distance and years cannot take away. I encourage every college student I come in contact with to make the most of their college career by associating themselves with people that help them be the best possible person they can be!

Not only did I make lifelong relationships with my classmates, I also established respect and fondness for a number of professors and staff members. Ahmed Samaha, Dr. Mike Ritchie, Corey Feraldi, Dr. Charmaine Wilson and Dr. Linda Owens are just a few of those people. Each one pulled me aside and encouraged me to achieve my capabilities.

I had a number of favorite classes each year at USC Aiken but the ones from which I learned the most were the ones taught by professors that actually lived what they were teaching. All of Dr. Ritchie’s business classes paved the way for my future success at my life’s profession. My communication classes have helped me build relationships among my peers, my clients and my family members.

Professionally, upon graduation in 1999, I continued to work at Lionel Smith, Ltd, in downtown Aiken. Through the years, I moved up the ranks of this family owned business from part-time help to store manager and buyer. In June of 2013, I became part owner of the business and achieved a lifetime dream! My goal is to keep Lionel Smith, Ltd a keystone for the Aiken community and continue its evolving success.

Personally, my wife Jennifer and I have two spunky daughters McKenzie, 11, and Sophie, 6.  A USC Aiken Alumna, Jennifer is a teacher at Aiken Elementary. We love attending our church, Matlock Baptist in Jackson, SC, where we stay active in the children’s program and the deacon board. I serve on a number of charitable and community boards including Funding for Scholars, Aiken Co Red Cross, ADDA Events and the USC Aiken newly established Aiken Chapter Alumni Board.  I enjoy fishing, hunting, occasionally playing golf at Palmetto Golf Club and spending time with my family!

Article written by Christian Medders, Student Intern, Spring 2016