Dr. Psaras McGrier

Chemistry, 2004

Dr. Psaras McGrier is excited about his research and the possibilities it holds for our environment. “One of the aims of my research program is to design novel porous organic polymers that can help relieve our dependence on fossil fuels while greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” he explains. “So far, we have been able to secure $140,000 in grant funding to help us achieve our goals.” 

It’s one of the reasons he loves his work. “Being able to pursue my own research endeavors with the hope of making great contributions to science makes my job exciting,” Dr. McGrier exclaims. “I’m also fortunate to work with a wonderful group of graduate students who are just as passionate about performing science as I am. Being at the forefront of educating the next wave of talented professionals is one of the highlights of working in higher education.”

Working with faculty at USC Aiken has helped him as he works with his students. “When I was an undergraduate student, I admired my professors because they were great mentors. It is rewarding to return the favor by providing the same mentorship that helped guide me to this position,” he says.

“For my major, USC Aiken provided me with the fundamentals I needed to prepare for graduate school. At graduate school, I was just as prepared for course work as my peers who came from larger universities. I credit the outstanding staff and faculty members that were present in the chemistry department during my time at USC Aiken,” Dr. McGrier continues.

Now, Dr. McGrier encourages students as they pursue their goals and dreams. “To the students at USC Aiken: if there is anything in life that you want to do or achieve, put your all into it, fight for it, and never give up. During my journey, I‘ve faced many trials and tribulations that pushed me to the brink of giving up on my goal of becoming a professor. I’m happy that I chose not to give up.”