Jamie E. Addison

Business Administration / Finance, 2008

In 2008 Jamie Addison graduated from USC Aiken with more than classroom knowledge under his belt. He credits his involvement in student activities to his professional success as much as the quality education and the support he received from USC Aiken faculty and staff. As President of his fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha, he developed many friendships that continue today. In addition Jamie developed and fine-tuned skills such as prioritizing, managing time, asking for help, and conducting himself professionally.

Jamie credits his campus mentor, Dr. Ritchie, with helping him gain practical knowledge for life after college. While at USC Aiken Jamie constantly pushed himself out of his comfort zone, most notability by taking a Women’s Literature English class. He was one of the two males in the class, but his time in the class taught him to see things in a different perspective and better understand himself and others.

The knowledge he gained and the many activities in which he participated, had a great impact in his preparing Jamie as a Banker. He is currently a Commercial Banker at First Community Bank in Lexington, South Carolina.

In retrospect, Jamie would advise every student to get involved on campus in some capacity. "Getting involved will present opportunities to meet new people and gain new experiences."  In addition to involvement, he stresses the importance of developing relationships with professors and staff members as they can assist students in understanding the importance of "community", which is valued in the work place.  Through involvement and relationship building while at USC Aiken, students can position themselves for success after graduation.


Article written by Joe Berry, Alumni Office Intern, Fall 2015