All Past Award Recipients

The Optimization of the Expression of the DAD Enzyme

Victoria Shores, Senior, Chemistry Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. Ken Roberts

2015 INBRE Award

Dose dependent effects of caffeine on cognitive performance and neuronal activation

Helen Morris, Junior, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. Michelle Vieyra, Associate Professor, Department of Biology and Geology

2015 Magellan Scholar 2015 Discovery Day Award

Quantifying the HIV Tat expression in the presence of siRNA using qPCR

Christian Fay, Sophomore, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. William Jackson

2015 INBRE Award

Using the CRISPR/Cas9 system to understand the function of the PHF21A complex in Danio rerio craniofacial recognition

Khadijah Jihad, Senior, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. April DeLaurier

2015 Discovery Day Award

Identifying the sequences responsible for the high transposition rate of a MITE transposon

Daymond Parilla, Junior, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. Nathan Hancock, Department of Biology and Geology

2014-2015 Magellan Scholar