All Past Award Recipients

An Examination of Lateral Hostility Experiences of Undergraduate Student Nurses

Andrew Boggs, Nursing Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. Thayer McGahee

2014-2015 Research Day Award

Virtual Child Rearing in a Developmental Context

Lauryn Johnson, Senior, Psychology & Sociology (Double Major) Major

Mentor(s) : Meredith Elzy, Psychology, USC Aiken

2014-2015 Magellan Scholar

Characterizing the mechanism of replicative transposition of the MITE mPing

David Gilbert, Junior, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Nathan Hancock, Biology/Geology, USC Aiken

2014-2015 Magellan Scholar

Targeted Insertion of the Transposable Element, mPing

Ashley Strother, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. Nathan Hancock

2014-2015 Research Day Award

Inducing expression of a fusion gene in an HIV-1-dependent lentiviral vector

Erin McLaughlin, Junior, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. William Jackson, Department of Biology and Geology

2014-2015 Magellan Scholar