All Past Award Recipients

Using Dissolved Organic Matter from an Agricultural Product, Borregro HA-1, to Decrease the Bioavailability of Copper to the Invertebrate Indicator Organisms, Daphnia ambigua and Ceriodaphnia dubia

Joshua King, Junior, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Michele Harmon, Biology/Geology, USC Aiken

2014-2015 Magellan Scholar

Precise Repair of mPing Excision Sites is Facilitated by TSD Microhomology

M. Bridges, David Gilbert (Biology Major), Ashley E. Strother, Courtney E. Burckhalter

Mentor(s) : Dr. Nathan Hancock

2014-2015 Research Day Award

Regional Identification and Partisan Competitiveness in South Carolina

Christine Posadas-Kelman, Senior, Political Science Major

Mentor(s) : Robert Botsch, Political Science, USC Aiken

2014-2015 Magellan Scholar

Building Constructs to Study Bone Development in the Zebrafish Model

Brianna Snelling, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. April DeLaurier

2014-2015 Research Day Award

Assessing the Need for a Trityl Group as a Steric Buttress to Initiate a Diels-A

Chitravati Choony, Lukas Earhart, Jeremy Fulmer, Trevian Loveless

Mentor(s) : Dr. Nandeo Choony

2014-2015 Research Day Award