All Past Award Recipients

The Women Behind the Witches: A Study and Response

Anniebelle Quattlebaum, Senior, English Major

Mentor(s) : Katie Smith

2017 Magellan Scholar

Understanding the replicative transposition mechanism of the transposable element mPing

Lisette Payero, Junior, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Nathan Hancock

2017 Magellan Scholar

Testing for field effects and maternal effects in seeds of the invasive annual grass, Aegilops triuncialis

Melissa Groleau, Senior, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Andrew Dyer

2017 Magellan Scholar

Developing an activation tagging system for gene discovery in wheat

Amanda Askins, Sophomore, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. Nathan Hancock, Department of Biology and Geology

2016 - 2017 Connections Award

The effects of simulated versus actual resistance training on strength

Hanna Martin, Senior, Exercise & Sports Science Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. Brian Parr

2016 - 2017 Connections Award