Statement of University Values


  1. A High Quality Learning Environment.

    • We seek to impart a broad range of skills, knowledge, and wisdom
    • We aim to maximize each student's potential
    • We expect and value high quality teaching and individualized attention from faculty and staff
    • We expect and value high quality scholarship and creative endeavors by faculty
    • We encourage
      • Critical thinking
      • Independent learning
      • An understanding of the connections between the liberal arts and discipline-specific courses
      • Curiosity and a love of continual learning
  2. Collegiality

    • We aspire to be a nurturing community where people support one another in their efforts to learn and excel
    • We encourage cooperation, collaboration and collegiality
  3. Character

    • We expect integrity, honesty and taking responsibility for our actions
    • We embrace diversity and encourage respectfulness
    • We encourage initiative, effort, and pride in hard work and accomplishments
  4. Citizenship

    • We strive to foster in students an understanding of the rights and responsibilities associated with membership in a community
    • We seek to develop responsible citizenship and working for the common good
    • We advocate involvement and partnerships with our external constituents to promote meaningful engagement and applied learning