About Academic Advisement

Academic advising in the Center for Student Achievement assists students in the development of meaningful educational plans compatible with their life goals. This is accomplished through a collaborative effort of the student and the advisor. Recognizing that the ultimate responsibility of making decisions about life goals and educational plans rests with the individual student, Center for Student Achievement staff and the advisor assist by helping to identify and assess alternatives and consequences of decisions. Together, the office personnel and the advisor provide guidance to the student in developing and completing an acceptable program of study leading to graduation.

What is Academic Advising?

Academic advising is one of the most important services that college campuses offer. It is concerned with the basic reason your student is in college not only to earn a degree but to become an educated person, a lifelong learner, and a contributing member of the workforce. (From A Family Guide to Academic Advising by Smith and Gordon, 2003, pp. 6-7.)

At USCA, students are required to meet with their advisor at least twice a year. The advisor helps the student understand their program of study, institutional policies and requirements, and works with students to develop academic and career goals.