Learning Communities

The First-Year Experience at USC Aiken includes a wide variety of programs, opportunities, and services specifically for students in their first year of college. Learning communities are one of the many programs developed for first-year students.

As a member of a learning community, you will take classes that are linked by the learning community theme. Additionally, you will be able to participate in a variety of out-of-class activities and mentoring opportunities connected to your learning community. In leadership, science, globalization and culture, USC Aiken's learning communities will provide you with a rich and exciting experience!

Honors Learning Community
The Honors Learning Community is available to students who meet the academic qualifications. This community provides a variety of learning enrichment opportunities, both in and outside the classroom, including honors and honors-enriched courses, field trips, and numerous research opportunities.

To learn more about the academic qualifications required to participate in the USCA Honors Program, visit http://web.usca.edu/honorsprogram/index.dot