Computer Services provides students, faculty and staff the computing, network and voice communications tools and support necessary to support the academic and administrative missions of the university. USCA and the Computer Services Division are committed to provide a state-of-the-art, reliable campus technology environment.

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Administrative Office

Ernest Pringle
Vice Chancellor
Information Technology 
Admin 236 803.641.3355
Linda Cox
Office Manager 
Admin 236 803.641.3355
Paula Baker
Admin 236 on campus: 0
Miriam Zeidan
Administrative Specialist 
Admin 236 803.641.3679

Network Systems

Joann Williamson
Network Systems 
Admin 236 803.641.3473
Chris Clark
Applications Analyst II 
Admin 112 803.641.3680
Chris Leach
Network Systems Engineer 
Admin 112 803.641.3591
Open Position
Systems Programmer 
Admin 112 803.641.3668
Chris Lewis
Telecommunications Technician 
Admin 103 803.641.3695

Help Desk and Client Services

Chris Spires
Client Services and Help Desk 
B&E 238B 803.641.3463

Lamar Golson
Help Desk Technician 
B&E 238C 803.641.3648
Lisa Bryant
Mac Systems Technician 
Admin 103 803.641.3502
Mark Patton
PC Systems Technician 
Admin 103 803.641.3696
Open Position
Help Desk Technician 
B&E 238C 803.641.3640

Instructional Services

Keith Pierce
Instructional Services 
RPSEC 307 803.641.3513
Joshua Campos
Media Resources Consultant 
RPSEC 315 803.641.6825
Barry Ready
AV Specialist II 
B&E 000 803.641.3602

OneCarolina Project

Karen Smith
OneCarolina Coordinator 
Admin 112 803.641.3730

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