P R O G R A M    P O R T F O L I O
Artifact Types

Artifact that includes learning theory, learner characteristics and selection of materials:

  • Ability to apply learning theory, identify objectives and analyze tasks.
  • Unit or instructional plan for specific learners
  • Accommodations for learners with special needs.
  • Selection of instructional and motivational strategies
  • Knowledge of learner characteristics and learning situation
Artifact that includes materials related to distance learning  
Artifact that includes use of assessment measures criterion referenced, summative, or formative.  
Artifact that includes application of evaluation techniques for increased effectiveness of the product  
Artifact that demonstrates development techniques of storyboarding  
Artifact that demonstrates group work involving interpersonal skills and team building.  
Artifact that demonstrates ability to apply management techniques.  
Artifacts that demonstrate instructional design techniques and application of ADDIE model.  

Artifacts that demonstrate overall ability to apply problem analysis and annotations to discuss parameters:

  • conduct needs assessments,
  • identify and define problems,
  • identify constraints,
  • identify resources,
  • define learner characteristics,
  • define goals and objectives in instructional systems design,
  • media development and utilization,
  • program management, and
  • evaluation