P R O G R A M    P O R T F O L I O



Statement of Professional Goals

The goals statement provides a specific description of the professional position the candidate expects to hold and a clear articulation of competencies and critical skills relevant to career goals.

Artifacts/ Samples of Work

All artifacts and work samples are authentic products or by-products of your activities and are of high quality; they are clear and direct indications of your skills and abilities. Artifacts demonstrate your mastery of AECT Standards and ability to apply instructional design principles.


Full annotation for each artifact is provided in a consistent format and concise, accurate prose. Each annotation MUST include information regarding the
role, and
related performance indicator
Include a clear explanation of how the artifact demonstrates that specific performance indicator. Citations of both the ADDIE Model and AECT standard are required.
Annotations illustrate the ability to effectively critique one's own work.

Reflection/ Synthesis

The synthesis statement clearly conveys what was learned throughout the program with multiple examples of growth in knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to the AECT standards. Reflections clearly describe why artifacts in the portfolio demonstrate achievement of the program objectives. See these guidelines .

Use of Multimedia

All of the graphics, sound, video and other multimedia enhance the portfolio presentation, create interest, and are appropriately used. Information is included concerning the size of most of the files when providing links to images, sounds, movies, or other files.  Creativity and original ideas enhance the content of the portfolio in an innovative way.  Ethical issues are addressed with regards to copyright and 508 accessibility standards.

Ease of Navigation

All of the portfolio navigation links and all sections connect back to the main table of contents. The portfolio navigation is highly intuitive.  Any external links to connecting web sites link appropriately.

Layout and Text Elements

The portfolio is easy to read with appropriate visual organization of information using fonts, point size, bullets, italics, bold, and indentations for headings and sub-headings.
The layout uses horizontal and vertical white space appropriately.
The background and colors enhance the readability of text. Consideration for usability and accessibility.