Minor in Creative Writing

The creative writing minor offers students the opportunity for intensive study of the techniques involved in writing function, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Students will craft original stories, poems, and articles; develop critical vocabulary and reading skills; and critique each other’s work. This minor is ideal for those who wish to pursue graduate work in creative writing or literature.


  • ENGL 264 Introduction to Creative Writing 3
  • Choose five of the following 15

ENGL 250 Rhetorical Grammar

ENGL 450 English Grammar

ENGL 453 Development of the English Language

ENGL 460 Advanced Composition

ENGL 461 Writing About the Arts

ENGL 463 Writing Workshop: Nonfiction

ENGL 464 Writing Workshop: Poetry

ENGL 465 Playwriting

ENGL 466 Writing Workshop: Fiction

ENGL 468 Studies in Writing

ENGL 497 Directed Internship

COMM 376 Visual Communication I

  • Total Hours Required 18

Students must earn a grade of C or better.

3 hours of independent study may be applied to the minor, but only in extraordinary cases and only with the prior approval of the English Department chair.

No more than six (6) hours from ENGL 468