Careers in English

What can I do with an English Degree?

"English is full of possibilities for a career based on solid skill with the written and spoken word, both now and throughout history. English can be marketing when expressed through the medium of copywriting. English can be computer science through technical writing. English can be newspaper reporting or book publishing through the techniques of editing and proofreading. English can be historical through the interpretation and archiving of ancient English and near-English texts. English can be international commerce as well, because English is increasingly the language of global business. English can be art through creative writing in fiction, poetry, and prose."

- Great Jobs For English Majors

A bachelor’s degree in English is very broad and is sufficient for entry level positions in business and industry, as well as in areas such as entertainment, radio and television commentary, and museum work. Because English can lead to many different career paths, it is important to identify an area of interest and gain the right skills, experience, and credentials to enter that field.

A major in English is also good preparation for continued graduate or professional training in areas such as English, law, political science/government, public administration, communications, religious studies (e.g. seminary).

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