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Essays In Education is published by the Department of Education at the University Of South Carolina Aiken.
ISSN: 1527-9359


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Department of Education

Timothy Lintner
USC Aiken

Editorial Consultant Jeff Mastromonico
USC Aiken

As of September, 2007, Essays in Education will no longer be accepting articles for publication consideration. Thank you for your interest and best in your future publishing pursuits.

Essays in Education is an editor-reviewed electronic journal that seeks to explore the multitude of issues that impact and influence education.

In accord with its broad focus, the journal welcomes contributions that enhance the exchange of diverse theoretical and practical information among educators, practitners, and researchers around the world.

Beyond publishing original articles, the journal will consider reviews of educational software, books and pedagogical materials. However, reviews must describe the practitioner's actual experiences using such materials.

Special Edition
Science and Science Education in Turkey

Review Panel

Development and Current Status of Science Education Research in Turkey
Mustafa Sozbilir , Hulya Kutu - Atatürk University

Trends in Turkish Science Education
Muammer Çalık- KTU
Department of Primary Teacher Education
Suat Ünal, Bayram Co?tu- KTU
Department of Secondary Science Education
Faik Özgür Karata? - Purdue University

Turkish Prospective Teachers’ Perspective of Different Types of Exams: Multiple Choice, Essay and Computerized-type Testing
Ne?et Demirci - Balıkesir University

Teaching of Newton’s Laws:
Force and Motion: The Effectiveness of Demonstrations

Refik Dilber - Ataturk University

Reflections of the Understanding of Assessment Adopted in the 4th and 5th Grade Science and Technology Curriculum in Textbooks
Zekeriya Nartgün - Abant ?zzet Baysal University

An Investigation of Some Factors Affecting Attitudes toward
Chemistry in University Education

Mustafa Özden - Adıyaman University Turkey

A Cross-Cultural Study: Middle School Students’ Beliefs about Matter
Mary B. Nakhleh, Ala Samarapungavan - Purdue University
Yilmaz Saglam - University of Gaziantep
Erdinc Duru - Pamukkale University

Perceptions of Primary School Teachers Regarding New Science and Technology Curriculum of Turkey in terms of Teaching and Assessment Methods
Pınar Özdemir -
Hacettepe University
Sibel Güneysu - Ba?kent University

The Effects of a Laboratory Approaches on the Development of University Students’ Science Process Skills and Conceptual Achievement
Uygar Kanli, Rahmi Yagbasan - Gazi University