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Essays In Education is published by the Department of Education at the University Of South Carolina Aiken.
ISSN: 1527-9359


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Department of Education

Timothy Lintner
USC Aiken

Editorial Consultant Jeff Mastromonico
USC Aiken

Volume 12, Winter 2004

Rethinking Constructivism in Multicultural Contexts: Does Constructivism in Education take the Issue of Diversity into Consideration?
Gyseon Bae, Ph.D.,The Defense Language Institute

Teacher Education, Critical Pedagogy, and Standards:
An Exploration of Theory and Practice
Lynne A. Bercaw, Appalachian State University
Lisa M. Stooksberry, American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

Online Survey Research of Faculty Attitudes Toward Promotion and Tenure

Thomas Diamantes, Wright State University


Dunks and Drunks: Depictions of Drug and Alcohol Use Among High School Athletes in Film
Peter S. Finley, Laura L. Finley, University of Northern Colorado

School Culture and Change: An Examination of the Effects of School Culture on the Process of Change
Elizabeth R. Hinde, Arizona State University West


Retain Teachers by Listening To Their Wants and Needs
Katherine A. O’Connor, East Carolina University

The Development and Validation of the Teacher Dispositions Index
Laura Schulte,
Nancy Edick, Sarah Edwards, Debora Mackiel  , University of Nebraska at Omaha

School Financial Equity Litigation: Black Hole of Civil Rights
Michael W. Simpson, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Leadership by the Book:Case Study of Creating a Doctoral Program in Education
Cynthia V. L. Ward, Johnson & Wales University