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Essays In Education is published by the Department of Education at the University Of South Carolina Aiken.
ISSN: 1527-9359


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Department of Education

Timothy Lintner
USC Aiken

Editorial Consultant Jeff Mastromonico
USC Aiken

Volume 14, Summer 2005

Innovating Professional Development Standards: A Shift to Utilize Communities of Practice
Teresa Foulger,
Arizona State University

Minority Access to Higher Education and its Social Outcomes
Noga Admon, New York University

On The Influence Of Grouping Practices On Classroom Teaching

Emin Aydin, Marmara University Istanbul, Turkey
Ilker Tugal, Isiklar Military High School, Bursa/Turkey

Professional Doctorate Taught Courses: Some Metaknowledge and Intellectual Property Implications
Robert Barbour, Peter Catt, Caroline King, Rebecca Blackshaw, Jimmi Rosa, Unitec New Zealan

Working on Policy: A Beginning Educator Collaborates on Issues of Phonics in Teacher Preparation
Devon Brenner, Mississippi State University

Peer Mentoring: An Intrusive Approach
Monica Shea Correll, Montana State University-Billings

Progressive = Permissive?  Not According to John Dewey…Subjects Matter!
Stephen G. Weiss, New York University
Anthony A. DeFalco, Eileen M. Weiss, Long Island University/ C. W. Post Campus

Patterns of Stress and Coping Mechanisms for Novice School Administrators
Lynette J. Fields, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Creating an Eportfolio with MS FrontPage: It Doesn't Get Any Easier!
Steve M. Hyndman, June Hyndman, Eastern Kentucky University

Korean Education in Cultural Context
Sunwoo Shin, The University of Memphis
Myung-sook Koh, Eastern Michigan University

The Social Integration of Latino Newcomer Students in Midwestern Elementary Schools:  Teacher and Administrator Perceptions
Catherine Lasso, Nelson Soto, Indiana University

Changes and Transformations in the Philosophy of Character Education in the 20th Century
Floyd D. Beachum, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Carlos R. McCray, Central Connecticut State University

An Anglo-American Rethinks Native American Education: Can We Avoid Yesterday's Tragedies?
Mitchell J. Moore, University of Minnesota Federal Bureau of Prisons, Federal Correctional Institution, Waseca, MN

Current Policies and Practices around Public High School Advanced Mathematics Course Taking
Mehmet A. Ozturk,
Cleveland State University

The Lure of Lectures Vs. The Call of Cooperative Learning In College Classroom
Mary Ransdell,
University of Memphis

College Marketing and the Academic Structure: Incompatibility?
Thomas J. Kopp, Joseph L. Rosetti, Siena College

Student and Agency Personnel Perceptions of the Impact of Community Service-Learning
Laura E. Schulte, Jarene Fluckiger, Sandra Squires, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Kondratieff Cycles and Long Waves of Educational Reform: Educational Policy and Practice From 1789 to 2045
Hasan Simsek, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Communication Technology and Pedagogical Power
Maurice Tardif, Université de Montréal

Special Education in Juvenile Residential Facilities: Can Animals Help?
Sally E. Thigpen, Stephanie K. Ellis, Rebecca G. Smith, Louisiana Tech University

Defining the Role of Clinical School Faculty in Clinical Experiences: A Redesign of the Teacher Preparation Program
Amy Massey Vessel, Louisiana Tech University

Utilizing Assessment to Improve Student Motivation and Success
Amy Woytek, Chaminade University of Honolulu

Is Your Selection of Content Delivery Vehicles Closely Aligned With Your Pedagogical Goals?
David N. Yearwood, University of North Dakota