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Essays In Education is published by the Department of Education at the University Of South Carolina Aiken.
ISSN: 1527-9359


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Department of Education

Timothy Lintner
USC Aiken

Editorial Consultant Jeff Mastromonico
USC Aiken

Volume 17, Summer 2006

Virtual Programs and Assessment in Graduate Teacher Education,
Link 2, Link 3 (Essay contains 3 documents)
Nedra Atwell, Marge Maxwell, Western Kentucky University


Teacher Research Informing Policy: An Analysis of Research on Highly Qualified Teaching and NCLB
Audrey Amrein-Beardsley, Arizona State University


From Zero to Over 2,500 Eportfolios in Six Years:The Eastern Kentucky University Experience 
Steve M. Hyndman, Neal D. Gray, Marcia Pierce, June Hyndman
, Eastern Kentucky University
Paul Wirtz,
Northern Kentucky University


Recognizing Each Others’ Faces in Educational Leadership’s Scholarship  
Thienhuong Hoang
, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


Responding to the Needs of At-Risk Students in Poverty
Sueanne E. McKinney
, Charlene Flenner, Old Dominion University
Wendy Frazier,
George Mason University 
Lyndon Abrams,
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Linking The World of the Policy-Maker to  That of the Change-Agent in Educational Change
Chi Hong Nguyen, Can Tho University, Vietnam


Benefits of Mentoring: Head Start Teacher Perceptions of the effectiveness of a Local Implementation of a Teacher Professional Development Initiative
Grace Onchwari
, University of North Dakota


Higher Power in Higher Education: How a South Carolina Technical College Compares
George Stanley Reeley
, Walden University


The Power of Parental Contact: A Strategy for Teaching in High Mobility Classrooms
Donna R. Sanderson, West Chester University


Historical Observation of Contradiction as Constitutional Law: Wisconsin’s First School Finance Equity Case and Reform Efforts to 1975  
Michael W. Simpson,
University of Wisconsin-Madison


How Cultural Dynamics and Teacher Preparation Affect the Educational Opportunities of Minority Students 
Dedrick J. Sims
University of South Alabama


Taking Statistics Doesn’t have to be Scary:Keeping the Heartrate Down  HeeGyoung Song, University of Missouri-Kansas City 
John R. Slate,
Texas A & M University, Kingsville


Surviving your Travels: Reflections of a Traveling First-Year Teacher 
Kelly Wood, University of Nebraska-Omaha


An Examination of the Financial Perspectives of Quality Management
Susan M. L. Zee
, Southern University at New Orleans 
Lillian Y. Fok , Sandra J. Hartman
, University of New Orleans