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Essays In Education is published by the Department of Education at the University Of South Carolina Aiken.
ISSN: 1527-9359


Submitting A Manuscript

Department of Education

Timothy Lintner
USC Aiken

Editorial Consultant Jeff Mastromonico
USC Aiken

Volume 9, Spring 2004

Using Portfolios Effectively in Tenth Grade English Classrooms
Jerry Odell Chappell, Frayser High School Memphis, TN
Jennifer Borek, The University of Memphis


The Teacher as Taoist
Daniel W. Doerger, Indiana University East


Using Comprehensive Needs Assessment to Improve Student Achievement
Cathy Stockton, David Gullatt, Dawn Basinger, Louisiana Tech University


Power, Prestige, and Wealth: Indiana’s 1998 Award-winning School Districts
Loretta Flanagan Li, Dale Banks Saint Mary's College


Efficacy of Teaching Electrocardiography over a Full-Semester versus During a Short, Intensive Session
Christopher DeWitt, University of South Carolina Aiken


Classroom Management Students Observing Student Teachers: A Win-Win Combination
Donna R. Sanderson, West Chester University