Trips & Activities

Just like previous semesters, Fall 2013 was full of events and activities. Some of these events were approved for ICE (Inter-Curricular Enrichment) credit, which is mandatory for graduation. More events similar to the ones listed from Fall 2013 will also be available during coming semesters.

International Game Night:

Pictionary, Uno, Scattergories, and many other games and "ice-breakers" were included during Game Night with participation from the international students and some of their host families.

International Dances:

Throughout the months of October and November, international dance lessons were offered for those who were willing to learn. Different dances from around the world such as Afro-Latino, belly dancing, and Greek dances were demonstrated, and some of these were performed at the International Festival!

GLOBE Charleston Retreat:

The GLOBE student organization went on a weekend retreat to Charleston, South Carolina, one weekend in November to learn about the different historical monuments and events.

International Education Week:

At USC Aiken, one week is devoted annually to International Education. During this week, events are planned throughout the week to get more students involved with not only the International Programs Office but also with the international students attending USC Aiken. Various events such as Tai Chi demonstrations, international poetry readings, international field day, and many others are held for all students throughout IEW.

International Festival:

At the end of each International Education Week, the International Festival is held in the Etherredge Center. For this festival, we try to incorporate different traditions into a new USC Aiken tradition of our own. During the 2013 festival, things like Chinese calligraphy, henna tattoos, and an international buffet were included.

Thanksgiving Dinner:

In an effort to represent a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, Dr. Maria Anastasiou hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for USC Aiken's international students and their host families.

GLOBE's End of the Year Party:

USC Aiken's student organization GLOBE participated with Aiken After Dark to have their end of the year party. This celebration of the ending semester included music, food, games, and special recognition of graduating Seniors.


Keep your eyes open for upcoming events!