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South Carolina is for out-of-state students.

When you think of South Carolina you think of four seasons (each offering its own beauty), southern hospitality, historic and vacation locations, and some of the best colleges in the country, including USC Aiken!

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Are there other Out-of-State students attending USC Aiken?

USC Aiken is a destination for students from all over the country and the world.  We have students representing 46 South Carolina counties and 37 states.  We currently have about 140 international students that represent 29 different countries and all six inhabited continents.

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Transportation Advantage

You may have a car on campus as a freshman.  In addition, we provide a mini-convenience store on campus which supplies a variety of items such as microwave meals, socks, etc.  We also have a bus system that stops on campus (we even have a sheltered bus stop on campus).  It makes stops to several places in Aiken.  For more information go to

However, for the most part, the social life of the student body is on-campus, so there are few reasons to need a car.  Our campus is just the right size for you to get involved.  You can get connected through Greek life, community service, sports, theatre, music, academic clubs, or student government - just to name a few.

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Location, Location, Location

USC Aiken is located in beautiful Aiken, SC.  Aiken is well-known throughout the country as an equestrian community, with numerous equestrian events such as Aiken's Triple Crown.  South Carolina offers the best of both worlds due to the friendliness and convenience of a small town and the opportunities and amenities of a larger city.  Located in the western region of South Carolina, Aiken is 40 miles from the capital city of Columbia and 20 miles from Augusta, GA.  It is also 2 1/2 hours from Charlotte, Atlanta and Charleston, SC.

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Modern Amenities and Suite-Style Communities

Our apartment-style suites will have you feeling right at home--or even better. Your own private and spacious bedroom awaits you in a two or four-bedroom suite, with a bathroom for every two students and chair, while living spaces feature plenty of plush seating for you to gather with friends and study, chat or watch television. Study and computer room, on-site laundry facilities, cable TV and wireless internet are all a part of our modern take on campus living. 

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Campus Safety

At USC Aiken the safety and well-being of our students is always at the top of our agenda. Through the cooperation of faculty, staff, and students, we daily try to achieve and maintain a truly safe campus. With the support of various community members, and USC Aiken’s University Police, there are many people contributing to the safety and security of the campus. Our police officers are commissioned as Constables and are certified with the state of South Carolina. Also, all officers are certified medical first responders.

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Interested in Attending USC Aiken?

Students in India interested in this program should contact the USC Aiken Admissions Office at 803-641-3366 or for more information.

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