Alumni Email Accounts

Alumni accounts for those graduating in Fall 2016 or earlier are currently available.  Accounts for those graduating Spring 2017 will be ready around mid-June 2017. If you're ready to setup your alumni account just click the link below to send an email to the Help Desk.  You must include your full name, graduation date, USCA student email address, an alternate contact email address and a contact phone number.

Request Your Alumni Account

You will receive an email with detailed setup instructions and contact information to use if you require additional assistance.  You'll usually receive the email or a phone call by the next business day.

Will I be able to keep my current email address?

To make the upgrade possible, students will have a new email address schema. Students will continue to use their PacerStudent username as part of their email address, but will become For example, a student who previously used would now use or something similar as their email address.

How long do I have to switch to the new system?

You'll have a few months from the time you graduate to complete setup of your new account.  Regular student email accounts are removed after one year of non-activity as a student, but once you switch to your Alumni account, it’s yours for life!

Setup your new email account

Go to

Enter your new alumni address as the Username. It's your PacerStudent Username followed by  For example, if my PacerStudent Username was smithj then my new alumni email address will be

You'll need to stop by or contact the Help Desk by email using the link above to receive your initial password.

If you're not sure what your username and password should be, please contact the USCA Help Desk for assistance.  The Columbia/UTS Help Desk will not be able to assist you with this account.

Set your Timezone to Eastern.  You'll need to scroll to the top and then find the Eastern time zone.  It's the 16th from the top.

Once the Time Zone is set, click Save.

You'll see your new Inbox and you should begin using this account as soon as possible.  Be sure to notify everyone of your new email address!

If you run into any issues during any part of the steps above, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Want to keep a copy of your old email?

If you'd like to transfer a copy of your old email from your account to your new account, you can do so in just a few simple steps.

  • Log into your account
  • Click the "gear" icon in the upper-left side of the screen
  • Click Options
  • Click connected accounts
  • Click the + icon
  • Enter your USCA student email address (for example,
  • Enter the password you've been using to access student email
  • Click Next

Your old messages will begin downloading automatically in the background.  You do not need to stay logged in for this to occur.  It may take up to a day for all old messages to copy from the old account to the new.

IMPORTANT: You should begin seeing messages copied over to your new account within a few hours.  If you haven't seen the copy start within 24-hours, this procedure may not work for your account.  In that case, please contact the Help Desk so that we can help you work around this situation.

Want to check your alumni email on your phone?

If you connect to email using your phone or other wireless device, you can connect it to your alumni account now.  You'll find instructions at:

8am - 8pm Monday -Thursday
8am - 5pm Friday
Closed Saturday - Sunday
Closed Campus Holidays

The Help Desk is located in B&E Suite 238
803-641-3391 from non-campus phones
x4357 from campus phones

After-Hours Outage Reporting
Call or Text 803-265-5266