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Expanded Wired Network in Housing

During the summer of 2014, CSD expanded the wired network in housing.  The continued increase in wi-fi capable devices, and the growing number each individual student brings to campus, meant Wi-Fi issue were a real possibility.  Expanding the wired network ensures each room in housing has at least one Ethernet port available for Internet connectivity; most bedrooms have two available connections.

PacerStudent Wired should be considered the primary connection while in housing.  Campuses across the country are dealing with the explosive demands placed on Wi-Fi within university housing environments.  USCA continue to work with vendors to expand Wi-Fi network access and reliability for our resident students.

In addition to the wired network's reliability is it's inherient faster speeds and stable connections.  If you'd like to stream media-rich content such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, etc, you should plug your device into an Ethernet port. Ethernet connections are more reliable for streaming media-rich content even when many users are connected to the internet during evenings, weekends, and peak times.

Connect to the PacerStudent Wired network

What Do I Need

You will need an Ethernet cable. Note that this cable is different from a phone cable and can be purchased anywhere that electronics or office supplies are sold, including Wal-Mart and Target.

Housing residents may pick up a free Ethernet cable at the Help Desk.  Just stop by the Help Desk with your student ID card to pick yours up.  Only one cable per resident.

How Do I Connect

Just plug the Ethernet cable into the nearest Ethernet jack and the other end into the Ethernet connection on your laptop.  If you need help locating the Ethernet port on your device, just bring it by the Help Desk for assistance.

You should use the bottom-left port of your jack if it's installed vertically.  Use the bottom-right jack if it's turned on its side horizontally.

No other ports area active on Ethernet jacks and they should not be used.

What Else Should I Know

Computer will still need to connect to Impulse SafeConnect.  Most other devices such as TV's, media streaming boxes, and video game systems should be able to connect directly to the internet.

If you are prompted for your username and password, try entering your PacerStudent username and password.  If this doesn't work, ensure you have the correct account information.  If so, you may need to contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Please note that not all devices are compatible with the level of security provided on the PacerStudent network.

8am - 8pm Monday -Thursday
8am - 5pm Friday
Closed Saturday - Sunday
Closed Campus Holidays

The Help Desk is located in B&E Suite 238
803-641-3391 from non-campus phones
x4357 from campus phones

After-Hours Outage Reporting
Call or Text 803-265-5266