Printing for Faculty/Staff

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CSD maintains an extensive network of printers on campus for use by Faculty, Staff and Students.

Adding Printers

Instructions for adding printers can be found in the menu options to the left.

Dell Printers

Most campus printers are connected to the PRINT server.  These printers include most Dell printers and are typically located in central offices, administrative areas and some faculty/staff private offices. Many of these printers have restricted printing rights limited to members affiliated with the "owning" department.  Others are accessible to all Faculty/Staff users.

If you require access to a specific Dell printer, but are denied permission when you attempt to connect to it, your Departmental Admin will need to have you added.  Simply have your Admin send an eMail to requesting you be given access.

Xerox Printers

Xerox printer centers were added to many central offices in 2008.  These printers typically require specific access be granted before you'll be able to print.

If you require access to a specific Xerox printer, your Departmental Admin will need to request an account for you by contacting Ray Bolen at the Printing Center.

PacerPrint Printers

USCA also maintains a network of printers in the main computing labs, computer classrooms and the Library, specifically for use by Students.  These may be both Dell or Xerox printers, and include a few full color printers as well.  Access to PacerPrint printers is granted automatically to all USCA account holders, however, printing is charged on a per-print basis.  Information on using PacerPrint can be found on the PacerPrint pages.

Printer Support

CSD and the Help Desk provide complete support for campus owned Dell printers.  We also provide limited support for Xerox printers, with additional support available to departments directly from Xerox technicians.  Support for desktop printers, such as department and personally purchased inkjet and deskjet printers, is available on a best-effort basis, but is typically limited to assistance in getting the printer connected to USCA owned computers.

8am - 8pm Monday -Thursday
8am - 5pm Friday
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The Help Desk is located in B&E Suite 238
803-641-3391 from non-campus phones
x4357 from campus phones

After-Hours Outage Reporting
Call or Text 803-265-5266