This Month's Campus Citizen

Campus Citizen of the Month for November

Congratulations to Lamar Golson, in Computer Services, on being named USC Aiken’s Lamar Golson - November 2016Campus Citizen of the Month for November 2016! Thanks to his efforts, he will receive a $20 gift card, a sign for his desk, and a designated parking spot.

"As is often the case, Lamar went by an office in Penland last week to fix a simple issue and ended up correcting that issue, along with others and upgrading all of the computers in the office to the latest version of Microsoft Office as well. Lamar is our go-to-guy for software issues and upgrades for just this reason. When he checks a computer for an issue, he always digs deeper, beyond the initial problem, to see what else he can correct for the customer while he's there. He has saved the Help Desk and our customers hours upon hours of troubleshooting and issues thanks to his proactive, above-and-beyond approach. Lamar has been an asset to the campus for the past ten years. He's often a favorite of students and faculty/staff alike. We hope he stays around another ten years! Thanks Lamar!"

In recognition of his dedication, commitment, and proactive work ethic, Lamar Golson has been named the November Campus Citizen of the Month. Congratulations, Lamar!

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