Workers Compensation

This is our policy and procedure for Worker’s Compensation injuries. When an employee is injured on the job, requiring medical attention, we MUST take them to the Family Med Center, currently located on Edgefield Avenue, unless it is a dire situation. University Police cannot take employees to the Family Med Center.

Please see below for a quick reference for on-the-job injuries. For full information, go to

A Quick Reference: On-the-Job Injuries

  • Tell your supervisor about the injury immediately.
  • Get immediate medical attention. You must receive treatment at the Family Med Center  unless the nature of the injury dictates otherwise.
  • Tell the doctor you were injured on the job. Do not give them your personal insurance information.
  • As soon as possible, complete an Employee Injury Report and give it to your supervisor.
  • Give your supervisor any statements you receive from your doctor concerning your condition, or your return to work status.
  • If your doctor says you must miss work due to the injury, complete a Workers' Compensation Benefits Election form at the bottom of the Employee Injury Report, stating whether you want to use annual leave and/or sick leave, or receive Workers' Compensation.


Necessary forms are here:

Workers' Comp Employee Injury Report

Workers' Comp Supervisory Report

Worker's Comp Physician's Report