Widgets are used to add complex content, such as slideshows and videos. Using a widget is quick, easy and does not require coding knowledge.

Below is a list of all available widgets :

File Repository

File repositories display links to files (such as pdfs) that are within a specific folder. This widget is useful for tasks that involve uploading a large number of files and then linking each one; for example, links to syllabi.

See Demo | See Tutorial

Photo Gallery

Photo galleries display thumbnails of photos that have been uploaded to a specific folder. When clicked, a pop-up window appears; the photo is then displayed at full resolution, with a caption. The pop-up window also has a section with sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter.

See Demo | See Tutorial


Slideshows display photos that have been uploaded to a specific folder. There are several sizes available; large slideshows are used on the home pages of department websites, while smaller slideshows are good for inserting along with text content.

See Demo | See Tutorial

Testimonials by Students

This displays random testimonials from current or former students. Using this widget requires entering Testimonials content (see Tutorial).

See Demo | See Tutorial

Twitter Feed

This displays a Twitter feed from a specific Twitter account.

See Demo | See Tutorial

YouTube Video

This embeds a YouTube video directly on a page.

See Demo | See Tutorial