Chemistry Professor Leverette Receives Grant from American Chemical Society


December 11, 2006


Dr. Chad Leverette, assistant professor of chemistry at USC Aiken, recently received funding for his grant proposal submitted to the Petroleum Research Fund administered by the American Chemical Society, the national organization for the advancement of chemistry.


Leverette’s proposal was for a Type G “Starter” grant which is set aside for faculty within their first three years at an institution. Entitled “Influence of Nanostructure Design on the Structure and Spectroscopic Characterization of Self-Assembled Organic Films Deposited onto Novel Metallic Surfaces,” the grant is being funded at $40,000 to be spent over two years.


“I am extremely honored,” said Leverette. “This award granted by the ACS validates the research that we are doing here at USC Aiken. As difficult as it is to receive funding in today’s research climate due to stiff competition and limited funds, it is quite an honor to receive this award. I am excited about the research opportunities that these funds will create for our students and the prestige that this award brings to our campus.”


According to the American Chemical Society, faculty must use the award “for advanced scientific education and fundamental research in the ‘petroleum field,’ which may include any field of pure science which may afford a basis for subsequent research directly connected with the petroleum field.” In 2006, 505 applications from faculty in graduate and undergraduate departments resulted in 140 grants totaling $4,900,000. Other universities with faculty recently receiving Type G grants include Princeton University, Yale University, MIT, University of Notre Dame, and Texas A&M University.



Dr. Chad Leverette