Final Grades for the Fall 2017 Semester are Due Monday December 18th

December 07, 2017

The Fall 2017 grades are due to be entered into Self Service Carolina (SSC) no later than 9 a.m. on Monday, December 18th. Below are some basic steps for using SSC for this purpose:

1—Once in SSC click the FACULTY SERVICES link.

2—To view the grade roll, click the FINAL GRADES link or the SUMMARY CLASS ROLL link.

3—Select the correct term from the drop down menu and then click the SUBMIT button.

4—Your courses will be displayed by each CRN. Select the course and click the SUBMIT button. If you selected the SUMMARY CLASS ROLL link, click the blue Enter button in the Final column to be directed to the final grade roll for the entire class.

5—In the Grade column, click the drop-down next to each student to assign the final grade. Do not leave any blanks. Next, click on the SUBMIT button once you have finished each page of the roll.

*Click the SUBMIT button periodically, even if all grades have not been entered. As a security precaution the grade roll will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.
*If the student never attended or stopped attending prior to the final exam, you are encouraged to assign the non-attendance failing grade of “FN.” Enter the first day of class if the student never attended or the last day the student attended your class in the Last Attended Date field.
*Do not enter attended hour.
*Clicking RESET will clear all grades hat have not been submitted. To remove or change a grade after it has been submitted, use the drop down box and select the new grade, then click SUBMIT.

6—If you need to assign an “I” or Incomplete and have clicked SUBMIT you will be directed to the Incomplete Final Grades page. This page will allow you to enter a default grade of “F” in the event the student never completes the work. You can also stipulate a deadline of additional or less time. The regular USCA Incomplete Grade Contract will still need to be completed, signed by the student and you as well as the unit head, and sent to the Records Office.

7—Click SUBMIT to finally enter all grades. You should then receive a grade check SAVED SUCCESSFULLY MESSAGE. To move to another course, scroll to the bottom of the Final Grades page and click CRN selection.

In Banner, grades are rolled to the permanent records four times a day—8 a.m., 12 Noon, 5 p.m., and 12 Midnight. After a set of grades has rolled, you can no longer go into the drop down and make changes. And once the grades roll, students can then see the results in SSC.

We have a much more detailed set of instructions if anyone would like them, but the basics shown above should work well for almost any scenario. *For more detailed instructions, please visit the Records homepage, and click on the “For Faculty” tab. If anyone needs assistance, please call us at (803) 641-3550 or email me at We also have room in our suite to work with you on one of our computers to resolve any difficulties you might be experiencing.

Thank you.

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