Program Requirements



Basic Nursing Education (ADN or Diploma)-34 credits

General Education courses*:

Anatomy-4 credits

Physiology-4 credits

Microbiology-4 credits

Introduction to Chemistry-4 credits

English Composition (101)-3 credits

English Composition/Literature (102)-3 credits

Introductory Psychology-3 credits

Developmental Psychology-3 credits

Introductory Sociology-3 credits

Applied Speech-3 credits

College Algebra-3 credits

Statistics-3 credits

History of Civilization-3 credits

American Government or American History-3 credits

Humanities-9 credits-certain courses in Communications, History, Art History, Music History, Theatre History, Philosophy (exc. Logic), Religion, Humanities.  Please refer to the USCA Bulletin for a complete list of approved Humanities courses.

General Education credits-55


Nursing Major Requirements:

Professional Nursing-3 credits

Health Assessment-3 credits

Pathophysiology-3 credits

Nursing Care of the Client with Complex Health Needs-3 credits

Gerontological Nursing-3 credits

Nursing Research-3 credits

Community Health Nursing-5 credits

Ethical-Legal Issues in Nursing-3 credits

Leadership & Management-5 credits

Nursing Major Requirement credits-31


Total hours needed for BSN degree-120 hours

*All General Education courses to be completed before the Nursing Major Requirements. The School of Nursing will accept a baccalaureate or master’s degree as satisfying all USCA general education requirements for students who apply to the RN to BSN track.  This does not preclude satisfactory completion of the nursing program’s requirement of 37 hours of core prerequisites.  This also does not preclude satisfactory completion of ICE credits, and the Writing Proficiency Portfolio.


These are requirements all USC Aiken students must complete in order to be eligible for graduation.  

  • Non-Western Requirement: All USCA students are required to take one course considered Non- Western. Ideally, this requirement is met with another required course.  However, if you have transferred courses into all of the areas where this requirement can be met, you will have to take a Non-Western course.  Your advisor will help you identify areas where this requirement can be met.
  • Writing Intensive Requirement (WI): The RN-BSN program has three WI courses built into the program.  By the time you graduate, you will have your Writing Intensive requirement completed.   
  • Inter-Curricular Enrichment Requirement (ICE):  These are lectures and other events delivered online.  USC Aiken RN-BSN students need to complete 4 ICE events over the course of the program.  Students receive credit by viewing podcasts and submitting a written description of the lecture/event.   
  • Writing Proficiency Requirement (WP):  All USC Aiken students must show that they have solid writing skills.  This requirement can be met in two different ways.  You can submit a writing portfolio (three research papers previously written and one reflective essay) or take and pass with a C or better ENGL 201: Writing in the University.  Your RN-BSN advisor will discuss this in more detail as you move through the program.