Orientation Leaders


Pacesetters are some of USC Aiken's best student leaders who help lead small groups of new students through the orientation process. The following student leaders have been selected to be Pacesetters:


Alex Olivier
Alex Olivier

Ana L. Carbajal-Martinez
       Anna Griffin
Ariel Alston
Aubry Melvin
Alex Olivier
Bria Ellison
Brooke Cantrell
Collytte Cederstorm
Danielle Turner
Erin Bunts
Forrest Ayers
Hannah Barker
Heather Jones
Jacob Yarbrough
Jasmine Edwards
Jessica Gomez
Madalyn Thomas
Miller Williams
Morgan Bookstaver
Shaquanda Ross-Simmons
Spencer LaMunion
Tiffany Todd
TJ Brantley
Tracy Stansfield Ryles

Pacesetter Team Leaders:

Joshua Capers
Cassie Torres
Monica Martin