The History of Psychology

Links to Primary Source E-Texts on the Web

Compiled by William J. House, Ph.D.

Ancient Times --- The Christian Era --- The Renaissance --- The Enlightenment

Modern AmericanModern British --  Modern European


Other Sites with Relevant Primary Source Literature


Classics in the History of Psychology (Christopher Green, York University)

George’s Page (The Mead Project, Brock University)

Carrie (Full Text Electronic Library, University of Kansas)

Celebration of Women Writers (Mary Mark Ockerbloom, University of Pennsylvania)

Online Books (University of Pennsylvania)

Hanover Historical Texts (Hanover College)

Project Gutenberg



Mad Cybrarian

Secular Web

Online Library of Literature (Knowledge Matters Ltd.)

Marxists Archive

Internet Classics Archive

Pirate Nietzsche Page

Hanover Historical Texts Project (Hanover College)

Akamac E-text Links

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies (Volda University College, Norway)

These links are to significant psychological literature that is found on the World Wide Web.  They are presented along with my comments and reference to art, politics, and music of the period because I am interested in presenting a cultural context within which psychology developed. 


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