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Research with Faculty

The following research studies are searching for undergraduate assistants beginning now and continuing through next semester (and potentially longer).

These opportunities allow for course credit for the spring semester. A two-semester commitment is required (Fall 2015 and Spring 2016). Experience with Excel and minimum GPA of 2.5 is preferred, however all applications will be considered.


EEG study on empathy and cold heartedness

  • The relationship of empathy and cold heartedness with perceived childhood emotional abuse and mu rhythm oscillation during a pain perception task: An EEG study
  • PI: Contact Dr. Laura Swain for more information:


EEG study on emotional invalidation and impulsivity

  • The Relationship between Emotional Invalidation and Impulsivity as Measured Through Event-Related Potentials: An EEG Study
  • PI: Contact Dr. Laura Swain for more information:


Physiological Responses Associated With Narcissistic Personality Traits During Threat

  • This study will use technology to record electrodermal activity (what is measured during a lie detector test) to test arousal levels when thinking about threatening situations, and will relate this activity to narcissistic personality traits.
  • PI: Contact Dr. Meredith Elzy for more information:


EEG study on Math Anxiety, Number Magnitude, and Executive Functioning

  • We’re looking for students who want to learn more about how the brain functions when people think about numbers. Student research assistants will learn how to measure neurological activity and sympathetic nervous system arousal using electrodermal activity and heart rate.
  • PI: Contact Dr. Keri Weed for more information:


EEG study on Effects of Sports-Related Head Impact on Balance and Neurocognitive Functions

  • We’re looking for students who are interested in finding out about possible long-term effects of head injuries using electroencephalographic (EEG) technology. Student research assistants will also learn how to assess balance using postural sway techniques.
  • PI: Contact Dr. Keri Weed for more information:



Please send your resume in an email to the Principal Investigator (PI) listed under the study that includes this information:

  • Name and contact information
  • Education (including GPA and relevant courses and grades earned)
  • Work, leadership, or volunteer experience (especially if related to research)
  • Skills (power point, excel, relevant lab skills, etc)
  • Honors or Awards
  • other information you feel relevant to the position

Please also include a short statement in your email about your goals and interests, and how these would relate to your involvement in the above research study.