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Gerard Rowe, PhD

Courses Taught

General Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry


B.S.: Chemistry, State University of New York-Stony Brook (2002)

Ph.D.: Boston University (2008)

Post-Doc/Professional Experience: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Brandeis University (2008-2010)

Research Interests

Synthesis of Bioinorganic Model Compounds, Kinetic Studies and Mechanistic Determination, Biomimetic Catalysis, Computational Chemistry

Research Experiences

Dr. Gerard Rowe synthesizes novel inorganic complexes which have been modeled after the active sites of enzymes. These complexes will then serve as stable catalysts in important processes such as those that might be used in fuel cell technology.


Dr. Rowe, joined the faculty in Fall 2010 after a post-doctoral fellowship at Brandeis University.  Dr. Rowe’s research interests include many aspects of inorganic chemistry, including bioinorganic model chemistry, metal-organic frameworks, the magnetic behavior of polymetallic clusters, and computational modeling of proteins and small molecules. Students in Dr. Rowe’s research lab can choose projects in either inorganic synthesis or computational modeling depending on their interests. Current projects include: QM/MM studies of the reaction mechanism of DAD (paralleling real-world experiments carried out in Dr. Roberts’ research lab); the development of new linker molecules for use as linkers in metal-organic frameworks; and quantum chemical studies of copper molecules that can activate carbon dioxide and convert it into other molecules.