Inter-Curricular Enrichment Requirement

USC Aiken's Inter-Curricular Enrichment Requirement (ICE), which went into effect for all incoming students in Fall 2009, supports USCA's Mission as a comprehensive liberal arts institution that aims to produce engaged learners and principled citizens.  ICE events support the USC Aiken General Education Goals and Outcomes and the Association of American College and Universities LEAP Objectives.

What is ICE?

Inter-Curricular Enrichment, or ICE, is a university-wide initiative aimed at engaging USC Aiken students through a series of diverse curricular enrichment opportunities. While at USC Aiken, students attend a prescribed number of ICE events. Such events span the academic curriculum and include, amongst other offerings: musical recitals, book readings, films, guest speakers, and planetarium shows.

Why is ICE important?

As a comprehensive liberal arts institution, USC Aiken aims to produce “engaged learners and principled citizens.” ICE will help to broaden USC Aiken students’ cultural and intellectual perspectives, and to promote lifelong learning. Engaging in and with learning opportunities that are provocative, insightful, and informative facilitates deeper, newfound understandings and perspectives that might not have been formed otherwise. USC Aiken is committed to providing all students sustained opportunities to grow intellectually through rich and diverse curricular experiences. 

ICE procedures and guidelines for ICE events, along with a form to submit events for ICE credit, appear on this website. 

Note: students are not required to submit an ICE Event Application unless they wish to SPONSOR an ICE event. 

To receive ICE credit for attending an event, students only need to complete the ICE ticket given them at the event itself or have their USCA ID scanned twice (at the beginning and end of the event).

Please note (effective Jan. 1, 2013): For all events (plays and concerts) sponsored by The Etherredge Center, students must pick up their ticket from the Etherredge Center Box Office by 5pm on the day of the performance. Students that purchase tickets after 5pm and just prior to the event itself will not be given ICE credit for the event.

ICE Procedures

ICE Guidelines

ICE Guidelines for Completion Programs

ICE Events Calendar

ICE Frequently Asked Questions

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Advisor Quick Guide 

Instructions On Submitting Your Event As An ICE Event

  1. Reserve a Space for the Event in 25Live
    Select AIK- ICE Event Request as a resource.
  2. Fill Out the ICE Event Application

ICE Event Scanning Instructions



For more information, please contact:

Dr. Timothy Lintner, Asst. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, 803-641-3564,

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