Admissions Staff Directory

Name Email Phone Office
Barkell, TyDual Enrollment Coordinator 803-641-3670 PEN 101G
Brantley, KathyTransfer Coordinator 803-641-3292 PEN 101B
Hendrix, AndrewDirector of Admissions, Enrollment Management 803-641-3366 PEN 101C
Henkes, BarbaraAdmissions, Enrollment Management Specialist 803-641-3478 PEN 101G
Knight, SharonAdmissions, Enrollment Management Specialist 803-641-3556 PEN 1011
Taylor, AngelaAdmissions, Enrollment Management Specialist 803-641-3366 PEN 101
Vivar, Nivardo Enrollment Counselor 803-641-3454 PEN 101A
Wierzbicki, DanaEnrollment Counselor (Regional Recruiter) 856-628-3061  
Hughes, Joey Asst. Director of Admissions 803-641-3432 PEN 101A
Key, TylerEnrollment Counselor 803-641-3363 PEN 101L
Scott, ChristinaEnrollment Counselor   PEN 101

The Admissions staff at the University of South Carolina Aiken understands that the college selection process can be overwhelming. Our staff is dedicated and prepared to help you with information about the University and our admissions process.

Your enrollment counselor is your personal contact at USC Aiken. If you have a specific question, please feel free to contact him/her.

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