If you have attended another college level institution and attempted one or more courses, regardless of credit earned, you are a transfer student.  If you have attempted less than 24 semester hours of college level work, you must meet both transfer and freshman entrance requirements.

To apply for admission, Transfer applicants must:

  • Complete an application for admission
  • Submit the $45 application fee
  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended through the time of application; to be supplemented by final transcripts to reflect complete academic work prior to beginning classes at USC Aiken 
  • Submit official high school transcripts, including SAT/ACT scores if less than 24 semester hours of college level course work has been completed. 

Applications and all supporting documents for fall semester must be submitted by July 1 and for spring semester by December 1.

Standardized Test Scores

There is no time limit for the use of standardized test scores in the consideration of transfer applicants.  Courses taken at non-baccalaureate degree granting schools are not transferrable if they are upper level or upper division at USC Aiken.

Courses Taken While on Academic Suspension

There are no limitations on transferring courses taken at other schools by a suspended student (other than the criteria listed above under evaluation of transfer credits), unless suspended from the University of South Carolina.

Institutional Maximums of Transferable Credit

The senior year of work (30 semester hours) must be completed in residence at USC Aiken and at least 12 hours of the student's major courses must be earned at USC Aiken.  At least 25 percent of semester credit hours applicable toward the degree must be earned at USC Aiken.  One hundred twenty semester credit hours with a minimum system grade point average of 2.0 are required for most baccalaureate degrees.

The Admissions staff at the University of South Carolina Aiken understands that the college selection process can be overwhelming. Our staff is dedicated and prepared to help you with information about the University and our admissions process.

Your enrollment counselor is your personal contact at USC Aiken. If you have a specific question, please feel free to contact him/her.

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