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The purpose of the Inclusion Advisory Council of the University of South Carolina Aiken is to provide guidance and support for the improvement of the University of South Carolina Aiken.

Towards this end the Council shall:

  1. Establish a continuing relationship between the University of South Carolina Aiken and the surrounding community for the enhancement and improvement of the University of South Carolina Aiken.

  2. Seek to develop an inclusive and diversified environment addressing diversity issues and acting as a change agent and model for all universities.

  3. Provide support and guidance for employing a diverse faculty and developing leaders to influence the university system and consistently model the ideals of integrity and respect.


hightower Berry Blair
Wesley Hightower
Rosie Berry
Vice President
Madeline Blair
profile default tall  profile default tall andrea Blacwell
Evelyn Allen Andrea Alsobrook Fred Andrea Paula Blackwell
Brown Crawford profile default tall  Diggs
Mary Ella Brown Pat Crawford Dee Crawford Gail Diggs
Driscoll  Moore Wesby  profile default tall Franklin
Mary Driscoll Donna Moore Wesby Norman Frank Stephanie Franklin
Hall PKHightower Jenkins Boseman MJohnson
Michael Hall PK Hightower Brendolyn Jenkins-Boseman Melencia Johnson
Jordan JKey Ogletree AOgletree
Sandra Jordan Janie Key Larry Ogletree Audrey Ogletree
Pompey JPreist SRodgers Samaha
Joyce Pompey Jeff Priest Sharon Rodgers Ahmed Samaha
Elizabeth Webb