USC Aiken’s reputation continues to grow in the State, the Southeast and Nationally. With the addition of several new degree programs and academic offerings, we have increased student enrollment to almost 3500 students. One of our major efforts is to reach out to Alumni and engage them with their alma mater. Consistent with and in support of the University Strategic Plan, Forward Together, the Alumni Office has developed and are implementing four specific goals, which we refer to as M.E.R.G.E:

  • Increasing Membership

         (Increase annual membership to 8%)

  • Engaging our Alumni and Students     

         (Networking with one another, current students and the University)

  • Student Retention and Recruitment

         (Increase participation in Student Retention and Recruitment activities)

  • Increase the Giving rate and involving Everyone

         (Increase the giving opportunities of our alumni. 
         There is a place for everyone to use their talents, donate their time and/or gifts 
          to assist their alma mater.)