The USC Aiken Alumni Association is issuing a call for applications / nominations for the USC Aiken Alumni Executive Board.  Below is the online link to the application nomination form. 

Nominate or Apply to Serve on the Alumni Executive Board Now!

The USC Aiken Alumni Association serves more than 16,000 alumni and seeks to have a board that reflects the diversity present within the alumni body. The one common trait of all candidates will be their ability to: "Advance USC Aiken by engaging all alumni."

The Alumni Executive Board is an advisory group for and represents the Alumni Association. The board is comprised of 15 members who must be active members (contribution of at least $25 made during the current fiscal year), and shall serve 2 year terms.  The Board will have at least one representative from each of the two colleges and from each of the three professional schools.  Members will be selected by the Executive Committee of the Alumni Board.

Candidates for the USC Aiken Alumni Executive Board are expected to:

  • Accept and abide by the principles and mission of the Board;
  • Follow code of conduct, conflict of interest and confidentiality policies;
  • Represent all alumni, not just their own school and classmates;
  • Work in partnership with the Department of Alumni Relations in the oversight, management, and operations of the Alumni Association;
  • Share ideas and react to proposals about how best to engage alumni in USC Aiken’s work, and promote interest among alumni in attending alumni events;
  • Reach out to friends, neighbors, colleagues and associates to identify USC Aiken alumni and encourage their involvement in the association and its chartered organizations.
  • Attend board meetings in person or by special arrangement and participate in teleconferences as needed to discuss alumni association activities;
  • Participate regularly in alumni activities on campus, in South Carolina, or in their region.


View more details about the expectations of board members