Archimedes is regarded as one of the leading scientists of the ancient world. Among his accomplishments, Archimedes was a gifted mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. Appropriate to the liberal arts and science mission of the University of South Carolina Aiken, the university is launching The Archimedes Dialogue Project. Central to the project is a website dedicated to archiving and sharing noteworthy ideas, discoveries, and projects in the STEM fields and science education using lecture-capture technology.

Who are the Speakers?

Selected Archimedes Dialogue Project speakers will be extraordinary individuals in our community or those individuals who are visiting in the CSRA community who have unique projects, interesting careers, or an unusual perspective to share, and who can express and convey their thoughts in a compelling and engaging manner.

Consideration will be given to those individuals with the following attributes:

  • Perspectives that the community may not have access to on a regular basis
  • Diverse demographics, ethnicities, backgrounds, and subject matter around STEM and STEM education topics
  • Local voices that are experts in their field and people who can present their field in a new light or who can inspire wonder and interest in the topic

How will the Project unfold?

  • Potential speakers should submit their names and proposed topics to the Chancellor’s Office (see contact information on the following page) for consideration by The Archimedes Dialogue Advisory Committee and approval by the Chancellor’s Office
  • Identified speakers will be asked to meet with Mr. Keith Pierce in the USCA Instructional Services’ Office to determine the presentation format and to rehearse the presentation before final taping
  • Two formats are available: an interview format or a presentation format lasting 10-12 minutes
  • Whenever possible, the presentations will be given to a live audience
  • All presentations and interviews will be captured digitally to be archived on The Archimedes Dialogue Project website
  • Speakers may use PowerPoints or background images
  • The website and presentations/interviews will be advertised to encourage broad dissemination

Have you been selected as a speaker?

Please see our collection of resources to facilitate your dialogue. Resources include guidelines and powerpoint templates.