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Submarining : How It Works

About this Dialogue

The US Submarine Force has been an important part of our National Security for more than a century. It defended our nation after the attack at Pearl Harbor in WWII, prevented conflict and helped win the cold war against the Soviet Union, prevented any country from considering a nuclear attack on our homeland, and today is integral to our Nation’s campaign against terrorism around the world.

Admiral Munns takes us on a behind the scenes discussion of the Submarine Force.  The story is told as only an insider can tell it, and based on his 34 years of experience in the US Navy.  He describes the Submarine Force, the ship and the crew, what it does, and how it works.  The discussion of how a submarine can carry 140 sailors, submerge, travel to the other side of the ocean, operate for more than 6 months and return to the surface and home captures the scientific principles of Archimedes, Einstein, Newton, Bernoulli, Maxwell, Faraday, Murphy and Rickover.

About the Speaker

Chuck Munns is serving as a Commissioner on the SC Commission for Higher Education.  The Commission promotes quality and efficiency in state higher education across 33 Universities and Colleges with the goal of fostering economic growth and human development.   He is also serving as Chairman of the Board for Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness (CNTA) located in Aiken.

Admiral Munns moved to Aiken in 2007 and served as president and chief executive officer of Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC (SRNS) through 2009. In this position, he won a DOE contract to manage and operate the DOE owned Savannah River Site.  They provide energy security, national security and environmental management, and also operate the Savannah River National Laboratory. The company employed more than 9,000 people and had an annual budget of $2B. 

Prior to forming SRNS, Admiral Munns served for 34 years in the U.S. Navy’s most high-profile and challenging positions, attaining the rank of Vice Admiral. His most recent Navy position was commander of the U.S. Submarine Force, which included all U.S. submarines worldwide. 

As a submarine officer, Admiral Munns spent his career preserving the nation’s security, operating its nuclear submarine reactors and safeguarding its nuclear weapons.  He has also led a large Department of Defense acquisition program, serving as program manager for the $7 billion Navy Marine Corps Intranet project. This brought secure, cost-effective modern computing to the Department of the Navy. It is the largest corporate intranet in the world and is used by every U.S. Navy employee worldwide.

He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy -- Bachelor of Science, Physics, and the University of Colorado -- Master of Science, Computer Science.  He has completed the Navy’s post graduate education in Nuclear Physics and Operations. 

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